One ut said that my facts were wrong since I included suicides among the number of fun deaths. This man does not understand the meaning of the word ”deaths”. This chap seems to be an American yet he lacks a basic knowledge f English vocabulary. It is difficult to have a rational dialogue with someone with such a limited lexis. Unfortunately he appears to typify the extreme pro gun caucus. Gun nuts often claim that gun deaths are mental health issue. Mental health is part of it . Guns are another factor in violent death. A holistic approach is needed. It is not a case of either .or. Would publicly funded healthcare not do a lot for mental health? There is mental illness in every country but the USA has one of the highest homicide rates on the world. What is different? It is the availability of fungs not mental health that is different in the USA. I know someone who met two married couple on a ski slope in the USA. All FOUR PEOPLE were armed. Who WAS GOING TO SHOOT THEM WHILST SKIING? Gun nuts prove what they are. They cannot cope with a contrary opinion. They threaten violence against those who exercise their right to free speech. This undermines their argument that they are responsible citizens. ”A good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun”. By the time the good man an do something several people have been killed. Gun nuts will say people die in pools but you do not advocate outlawing them. Pools are not designed to kill. Pools are good for your health when used safely, There is regulation of pools. Maybe it should be more stringent. Such examples are no reason to neglect the gun issue. If you do not regulate guns you do not care about national security.


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