The Razor 762 is a compact centerfire rifle can made by Rugged Suppressors. As you’d expect, the Razor shares much of its design with the Surge. The tube is the cerakoted 17-4 PH stainless steel, the baffles are the same fully welded Stellite core, and they both share the exact same removable encaps. The Razor comes with a 30 caliber endcap and removal tool, but you can get a 556 caliber endcap to knock a few decibels off shooting appropriate subcalibers.

Like the Surge 762, the Razor 762 is also rated up to 300 remington ultra mag, and yes it is even belt fed rated. Rugged Suppressors lives up to their name by overbuilding their cans to reduce the chance that you’ll need their no questions asked lifetime warranty. That said, whatever you manage to do to your Razor, regardless of fault, Rugged will fix or replace it free of charge.

The Razor 762 uses the same quick detach dual taper locking system and mounts, including the single baffle 556 brake and the three baffle 762 brake I’ve been using with my Surge. However, the Razor comes with the new 17-4 PH stainless steel R3 Flash Mitigation System, which is only 1.5” long and 2.9oz with a design that eliminates the tuning fork ring found with other three-prong flash hiders.

The Razor does get a tastefully small straight razor logo laser engraved opposite the manufacturer info, which is a nice touch that you don’t find on the Surge. However, the biggest appeal of the Razor might be the fact that its MSRP comes in $350 less than the Surge.

Review of the Surge 7.62:

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