I have been looking for a cheap beater bolt action .308 that I can use and abuse. There are quite a few options on the market today including the Savage Axis, Ruger American, Mossberg Patriot, Remington 770, Winchester XPR, T/C Venture, Mossberg 100 ATR, Marlin X7 Etc….

They start around $300 and can be found in scoped combo packages of varying quality for a few dollars more.

I had been interested in picking up a Ruger Model 77 Hawkeye but have never seen one lower than $600 in .308. I decided to wait until I found a good deal.

Then I came across this Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP in .308 which means it’s actually a model 11. The Trophy Hunter is a combo package that comes bundled with a Nikon Scope. It is a cheap Nikon and doesn’t even have a model associated with it but it is pretty clear and has .308 bullet drops built into the reticle. The biggest part they cheaped out on is the scope rings which are admittedly cheap looking but I took them off and locktited everything and snugged them up and so far have had not issues. I haven’t shot it enough to know whether they will hold up with tons of use.

In keeping with the cheap theme I threw on a $3 pink clearance sling I found at Tractor Supply and am Shooting $12 Perfecta .308 from walmart. Though I have also shot the $9 Tula steel case with no issues in this rifle.

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