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Welcome to the USCCA Gun Vault! In this video series, Kevin will explore all of the guns that the Concealed Carry Magazine team gets in for reviews. Kevin will make firearm review videos to show you which firearms are going to be a good choice for concealed carry and which ones will not.

In this USCCA Gun Vault video, Kevin reviews the SCCY CPX-2 which is a 9mm firearm. Some of the things that Kevin likes about this gun is that it gets 10 rounds, it’s light and easy to conceal, and it comes with 2 magazines. What he doesn’t like is the long trigger reset on the gun.

What did you think about the USCCA Gun Vault firearms review video? What gun do you think we should review next? Let us know in the comments below!

This firearms training video is brought to you by the USCCA.


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