When an escaped killer broke out of prison, and killed a police officer, the police quartered off an area to trap the killer. The police checked this farm 3 TIMES, and found no sign of the killer. BUT THE KILLER WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME!! He was inside the farmer’s home holding the farmer and his wife @ gunpoint. The ordeal went on for hours. When the killer dropped his guard for a brief moment, the farmer grabbed his own shotgun and exercised his 2nd amendment rights and DEFENDED his wife and himself. With one shot the killer was no longer a threat to anyone. Sen Feinstein take note….THE POLICE MISSED THIS GUY 3 TIMES!!!! So your theory of the police protecting citizens, thereby making guns obsolete is pure BS (but we already knew that) This is a perfect example of the US Constitution in action!!! Take note that the police described the incident as ‘non confrontational’…..SERIOUSLY???? An armed intruder,, in your house, holding you & your wife @ gunpoint is CONFRONTATIONAL!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! If You’re Not Pissed Off… You’re Not Paying Attention!!!


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